Chairman & Managing Director's Message


AnonTex Group strives to achieve the highest level of excellence through dedicated hard work on all levels and relentless effort to improve our products and services. At AnonTex Group, we are driven by our sincere dedication to please all our customers, and our desire to make a positive impact in our community and the whole country.

We listen to our customer's requirements and watch market trends and developments, and we strive to position our company as the best organization that fulfills the expectations of buyers from round the world.

I would like to thank all our employees for their hard work and dedication. Due to our employees' professional conduct, and the leadership provided by our competent and trustworthy management team, AnonTex Group has grown significantly over the years.

Our commitment to business ethics has earned us enormous goodwill. We intend to build on this by continuing to create world class products and services for our customers. Our aim is to improve the quality of life for those who have placed their trust in us and the communities we serve.

Md. Younus (Badal)
Chairman & Managing Director
AnonTex Group