The Company


Founded in 2004 for 100% Export Mission, AnonTex Group is a multi-unit, multi-interest business group with a wide range of industrial activities, an organization that has founded its evolution on value-based commercial practice.

In modern fashion technology, the demand for perfection begins right at the birth of the raw materials, permeates through every single process, till the highly discerning customer dons the finished garment. It is this demand for perfection that has spurred the growth of the organization and its corporate philosophy.

Company Profile

Those who can furnish clients with the best quality, competitive price and excellent customer services and prompt delivery can only survive in the market. AnonTex Group takes it as their goal.

Each concerns in the Group specializes in a specific area, thus enabling us to better meet the diverse needs of the industry.

Our composite unit consists of weaving, dyeing, printing & stitching and is capable of producing multi orders, fast and good quality products according to the requirements. Extreme care is taken to maintain quality standards at all stages of production and this is possible due to our state of the art production facility.

We believe in continuous process of expansion and incorporating the latest technological innovations in order to ensure our customers the best possible quality.


  • BGMEA (Bangladesh Garment Manufacturer and Exporter Association)
  • EPB (Export Promotion Bureau)
  • DCCI (Dhaka Metropolitan Chamber of Commerce and Industries)
  • BTMC (Bangladesh Textile Mills Corporation)